A woman (Kara) and her fluffy cat

I'm Kara, a product designer based in Baltimore, MD.

My work combines my background in graphic design and branding with user focused design thinking. I've created products or experiences for clients ranging from ed tech, health care, media, non profits, restaurants, and the film industry. I'm comfortable working in all phases of the UX / UI process from leading design thinking workshops, conducting user research and testing, creating wireframes and prototypes, designing interfaces, and building component libraries or design systems.

My graphic design background has given me experience creating brands and logos, designing marketing websites, interior renderings, animations, print material, drawing illustrations or patterns in Procreate or illustrator. I still love to take on small design or illustration projects in my free time.

Outside of work you'll find me fawning over my pets, being wrapped up for the most recent home improvement project, scouring local auction houses for vintage furniture, or buying too many plants for my garden.